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          Urgent Care

          Also known as: ExpressCare

          When you’re afflicted by non-life-threatening conditions, but still need immediate treatment, ExpressCare or urgent care offer just that. At your nearest Providence ExpressCare or urgent care location, you can find quick and affordable care when you need it.

          ER vs. Urgent Care

          ABC's of Urgent Care

          Clinic Safety for Urgent Care

          Exceptional care, when and where you want it.

          We're your faster way to well, with same-day appointments and extended hours seven days a week. We're here when you need care for the aches and pains you just can't treat at home – a sore throat, a soccer sprain, a stomachache that won’t go away. And, you can come in for sports physicals and flu vaccines just in time for fall. When you want fast care from expert nurse practitioners and physician assistants who know health, visit Providence ExpressCare.

          We understand that sometimes urgency means coming to you, so we offer ExpressCare Virtual to get you the treatment you need when you can't make it to a clinic. Through live video chatting from your tablet, smartphone or computer, doctors are available at your fingertips.

          Find an ExpressCare location

          Urgent Care or ExpressCare?

          Providence ExpressCare is an extension of your PCP’s office and offers the same services, such as sports physicals or flu vaccines just in time for fall. Additionally, urgent care offers extended lab capability, IV fluids and basic X-rays. That means Providence urgent care can manage more serious conditions like:

          • Burns
          • Minor lacerations and wounds
          • Closed fractures
          • Asthma exacerbations
          • Abdominal pain

          Find an urgent care location