Your vote matters: Vote for health
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          Your vote matters: Vote for health

          Amid a pandemic, widespread economic struggles, and a nationwide social justice reckoning, we are living in a very challenging time. These challenges can seem daunting. They can make us feel like we are stuck and powerless.

          But, you are neither stuck nor powerless. You have a voice. You have a vote. Democracy is alive and well, and you can make a difference by voting in the upcoming election.

          Providence is committed to the promise of health for a better world. To us, that means protecting Medicaid and Medicare, supporting public health and mental health, finding solutions to protect our environment and responding to basic needs for all Americans. A vote for health in November will have a direct impact on the quality of life in communities across the nation.

          Watch the video below to learn more.

          Now is your time to have a say. No matter how you cast your ballot, raise your voice with your vote.

          Learn more about how to prepare for casting your vote at


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